January 29

The Best Fabrics to be paired with Teak Garden Furniture

Outdoor furniture made of teak wood is already beauty by itself. The high level grade will have nice warm honey color that is going to improve the aesthetical look of your garden. This material also has tasteful natural grains. Even then, teak garden furniture may not be enough for some people. It is possible to pair the furniture with fabrics of varied colors and patterns. They can come in form of pillows, cushions, and tablecloths. Unfortunately not every fabric will be suitable for outdoor placement. So, what are your options?

The Best Fabrics for Teak Garden Furniture Pairing

Fabric that will be placed outdoor should be able to resist high level moisture. It also needs to handle sunlight exposure well. Below is the list of some fabrics that can be paired with teak garden furniture for outdoor placement.

  1. Curtain Fabric

This fabric is great to be paired with teak garden furniture because it is durable. The material is able to withstand sunlight too. There are sheer and heavy curtain fabrics. You can choose between the two based on what the material will be used for. Sheer fabric will have softer presentation while heavy curtain fabric may give hardy impression. There are varieties of colors and patterns that can be chosen.

  1. Coated Cotton

Coated cotton fabric is cotton fabric that has been given added layer. Normally PVC is used as the coating. Because of that quality, this material can repel water and dust. When there is spillage over the fabric, it is easy to just wipe up the spill. It is a perfect material for outdoor tablecloth. No need to worry when outdoor dining guests spill some food over the expensive teak wood dining table.

  1. PVC or Vinyl

Vinyl is also an optional material to be paired with teak garden furniture. It is tough and very durable material. In addition to that, vinyl is also very easy to clean. The downside to this material is that, it is not really comfortable when making contact with wet skin. There might be unpleasant sticky feeling. So, it is better to use it as back cushions for teak wood chairs.

  1. Textilene Mesh

The base of this material is woven polyester that has been given extra layer of PVC. Like coated cotton, textilene mesh can resist dust and water. The color and design will also be maintained for longer time period. The material is quite affordable, too. Before getting one, it is suggested to test textilene against the skin to make sure that it will feel comfortable.

  1. Duck Cloth

This material is also perfect as teak garden furniture pairing. It is almost like canvas material, however the weave is tighter. Because of that, duck cloth feels stronger than canvas. It is slightly more expensive than canvas fabric too. Another downside of duck cloth is that you have limited design and color options. Customization will be quite hard.

There are some other fabrics that will suit to be placed in the garden, but these are among the best ones. When pairing fabric with teak garden furniture, you also need to be mindful about maintenance. Regular cleaning will ensure that fabric will last long.

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