January 7

Have You Ever Ride A Motorbike

Ride bike with great enjoyment

This might sound pretty obvious to any rider, but before started riding, entire knowledge of motorcycle riding was pretty much based on Excite bike and other video games. (Twist the throttle, make a turn, how hard could it be, right?) So when you realize how much your hands and feet are working while you ride, it kind of took by surprise. For the most part, there is no such thing as an “automatic” motorcycle; all motorcycles are manual. Your left hand is working the clutch and the turn signal, your right hand is working the front brake, your right foot is working the rear brake, and your left foot is working the gears up & down. It’s a lot more work than it seems to an outsider.

You stop trusting people to act rationally.

This is a key part of the motorcycle experience all those small things that happen on the road which people don’t think much about? Motorcyclists notice them, and are constantly making lots of small decisions accordingly. You notice the big things, the small things, and everything in between. “Is this guy in front of me texting? Is that guy going to pull out of his parking spot? The pavement in this lane sucks, is it safe to switch? Is that car going to cross my path to exit? When is this truck moving over? Am I out of his blind spot yet?” You might feel like the king of the road, but you learn quickly that cars & trucks aren’t thinking about you at all.

You get smart about the rules of the road.

Especially the “forgotten” ones Blind spots “Slow Curve Ahead” signs paved shoulders that suddenly turn into gravel. Did you know trucks are never allowed in the fast lane except to pass? Motorcyclists do. Did you know most accidents happen while turning left? Motorcyclists do. Did you know the road is at its slipperiest in the very first few minutes after rain hits? Motorcyclists do.

Don’t worried about rip-off reports

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