August 21

Chiweenie Puppies as Pets for you

There are a very few things that are more adorable than a puppy. True pets can change a person’s life and drive it towards a positive direction. There are a large number of dog breeds for one to choose from but before buying a puppy one has to understand the breed that one is planning to get. Chiweenie is a very adorable breed of dog that one can pet and train conveniently because of its friendly and playful nature. A Chiweenie puppy is basically bred by creating a cross between a Chihuahua and a Dachshund. One needs to be aware of and understand the basic characteristic traits and other facts about a Chiweenie puppy before getting one home.

It can really be a great pet for you

A Chiweenie puppy can make a great pet provided it is raised properly and they are normally of a very adorable nature. The body of this breed of dog is basically elongated and has small legs as that of the Dachshunds and since the Chihuahuas are of a square shape any way, these dogs do not grow too tall either. It is basically a small dog with a small head as both the breeds used are not too big. The ears of this breed of dog also may vary. Some Chiweenie puppy may get pointed ears from the Chihuahua or they might also get floppy ears similar to that of a Dachshund. The kind of coat that a Chiweenie puppy inherits depends on the parents. The Chihuahuas can have both short and long coats and Dachshund coat may also vary from wiry, long or short. So what kind coat the Chiweenie puppy would inherit depends completely on the combination of the Chihuahua and the Dachshund used for breeding it.

Found in different colors as well

Chiweenie puppies come in a variety of colours as well. They can be black, brown, tan, blonde and even multi coloured. Behaviour wise the Chiweenie puppies can be very friendly and warm. But at the same they are a bit stubborn by nature thus training has to be in a positive and consistent manner so as to make the pet obey. Otherwise a Chiweenie puppy is a very receptive and intelligent and learns fast. Chiweenies are also a very loyal breed and are extremely energetic, so it is necessary to keep them busy with something so that it doesn’t indulge into any kind of mischief. Last but not the least the Chiweenies can make a very good companion and should be treated gently.

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