August 13

Anyoption still is the world’s leading binary options broker

anyoption has always called itself the world’s leading regulated binary options broker. But we dare to take this statement even further. Because according to us, anyoption is the world’s leading binary options broker. Period. No other binary options brokers can hold a candle to the immense popularity of anyoption! But what makes anyoption such a great binary options broker? Read more about anyoption.

anyoption started out as 1 of the first binary options brokers that could meet the strict demands for EU regulation. And up until today, it still is one of the better brokers when it comes to safety and security, privacy, quality of service, and trading facilities. The latter is one area in particular where anyoption stands out from the rest. But more about that later. Let’s first look at another great feature of anyoption.

anyoption is one of the few binary options brokers that actually lets you choose your own balance between risk and reward. The more risk you dare to take, the higher your reward. You can choose the return on your binary options when they end in the money, and weigh it against the cash back you would like to receive in case your trade ends up out of the money. We see a lot of brokers offering cash backs, but not very often do they give the trader as much opportunity to balance risk and reward as you see with anyoption.

anyoption is the most innovative broker when it comes to trading platforms. Besides regular platforms, such as standard high / low binary options and one touch binary options, you can also choose the Option+ platform with improved one-click trading, and Binary 0-100. Binary 0-100 is a new way of trading binary options, where you can choose to buy or sell options at a price that depends on the risk you take. The amount of 100 minus that price will be your return. And of course: the higher the potential return, the bigger the risk. This is an anyoption only platform. Lastly, there are specials, where you can trade Bitcoin and Alibaba options at anyoption.

anyoption is definitely worth taking a look at, if you ask us. So if you are looking for a binary options broker that focuses on high quality and innovation, take a look at anyoption.

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