January 14

Current Market Leader In Of Asbestos Removal Equipment Industry

Knowing Professional Protection Systems (PPS) Profile on Asbestos Matter

PPS is very well known to be the leading manufacturer of decontamination equipment, personal protective equipment and other relevant accessories of the products available in the market. PPS is already popular for its quality product known already for 67 years. The company is continuing its quality manufacturing while making innovations and improvement that more likely protectives suits and equipment for different industry such as asbestos, pharmaceutical and petrochemical industries.

Asbestos dangerous effect on health is one of the major missions of PPS that they guarantee to work and collaborate with relevant important leaders for advanced technology equipment for protection to any parties. Protection and safety in a workplace full of hazardous situation is very important to consider indeed. PPS asbestos removal equipment and personal protection suit along with accessories of the main products that is available for sale online on their website. This will be the great website for you to shop your asbestos related equipment for removal and cleaning along with important accessories and other related products that you may find relevant in their website.

Main Feature Product of PPS

To know more PPS main products, see the list below:

  • Respiratory Protective Equipment
  • Disposable Protective Clothing
  • Asbestos Waste Bags and Builders Film
  • Negative Pressure Unit Filters
  • Decontamination
  • Negative Air Units

Most of PPS product is concentrated on health and protection from diseases especially asbestos abatement. Product and accessories are mostly specially for the removal and prevention of too much asbestos in the surrounding. PPS is highly known for their perseverance for advance technology equipment that they have produce already significant masterpiece in their industry.

PPS provides so many products for asbestos abatement such as asbestos vacuums, consumables, asbestos filters and many more including product accessories. PPS website will surely entice you for many important varieties of products you can find in their website to order online.

Aside from production of these different kind of equipment, PPS also provides equipment service such as DOP testing, equipment servicing and PAT testing. These are very highly productive service for product testing for its integrity. Aside from that, you can hire also some equipment for asbestos like NPU units and decontamination units that is very practicable if you cannot afford to buy one or if you will be using it once or few time purposes only.

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January 7

Great Tips For Soundproofing Your Studio

If you want a consistent, solid and pure sound to be recorded , you have to make sure that there would be no pickups from outside source especially if you are about to record the room tone that can affect your output in post-production given that the room tone will provide ambient sound that will be heard on the background of the record which Is why it is a dire need that your studio is soundproofed and this article should help you soundproof your studio by listing these tips that you should keep in mind

Tips for soundproofing your studio

Soundproofing your studio is a must have to make sure that your output is a quality which can save you time for retakes and reshoots because noise from outside is being heard and picked up on lapels and boom mics

Know the entry points of noises

Knowing where the noise is coming from is a must because this would dictate the placements of soundproof materials and how thick the soundproof that is required so that the noise won’t come inside the studio. Acoustics should also be kept in mind as well so that it will not only seal off noise from outside but improve the recorded sound as well

Know your preference

Preferences refers to what is your peg because there are soundproofs that can shut the whole studio away from noise but generate a lot of reverb that can also impede the output of your record because it would need to be fixed in post-production but it is much easier compared to cleaning the audio record with outside noise picked up

When in doubt, seek professional help

If you are having a trouble in soundproofing your studio, it is advisable to ask for a sound engineer to inspect the space because they are the expert when it comes to making sure that the acoustics are great and the sound pickup is polished and good but sound engineers are expensive but there are websites that can help your soundproofing needs such as soundproofwiz.com. This website can actually provide tips and steps when it comes to soundproofing because when in doubt, soundproof wiz it. check out the link provided below to learn more about different soundproofing materials and placements that can serve as pegs for every room and to read more about things to remember.

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