February 19

Online Sports Betting Is Emerging as Australia’s Favourite Pastime

Sports have been an inseparable part of cultures all around the globe. Although most sports have not changed too much over the year, the fan following and interest that people bring in to the game surely has. Online sport betting has played an instrumental role in the expansion of sport wagering opportunities and public interest in sports. While some people place wagers on relatively slow paced games, other more skilled and experienced veteran betters tend to go for sports that have minimal stoppages and an overall fast pace.

Online sports betting is a calculated art form

Professional sports betters tend to take a more calculated and analytic approach toward online sport betting. When asked if there is an algorithmic approach and quantitative analysis involved in the professional sports betting world and its degree, a seasoned trading veteran and Vice President of the Trading Services Division – Mucklow articulately replied “Our traders are “game managers” of our proprietary quantitative algorithms, the latter which run from start of game to finish. Certain game states you simply cannot create an algorithm for, and we train our group so as to understand team’s behaviour patterns in specific situations, who is on the court, momentum shifts, and how to merge that data with our proprietary algos to create a fluid yet accurate betting line.  It’s a fine art as we are in effect merging a math line with customer perception into a tradable line.”

Why online sports betting is not equivalent to gambling

Despite the growing popularity of online sports betting, many misinformed people confuse it with gambling. Comparing online sports betting to gambling is not too different from comparing apples and oranges. For starters, it is a lot easier to get started on sports betting on the Bluebet App than it is to start gambling. All you need before you start placing wagers is an adequate knowledge of the basics and the rest is pretty straight forward.

However, with the passage of time, as you begin advancing your betting strategies, you will want to learn more about the sport you are betting on in order to familiarize yourself with all there is to know about the game. Whereas, getting started on a gambling game, say – poker is a bit trickier. Poker isn’t just giving us humans a hard time, but it also seems to be giving AI a run for its money. You first have to decide the kind of Poker you want to play then you must decide the format you will be playing on. Then, you must learn the relevant rules of the game. Additionally, you cannot go further without getting to know the basic mechanisms of betting in poker and what hand rankings are.

Aside from requiring extensive knowledge about the game, Poker is also more restricting for the better when it comes to variety. Though you can play poker games with no fixed betting structure, you do not have as much variety. Whereas, online sports betting is available on pretty much every mainstream sport and league on the face of this planet. If you can think it, you can probably bet on it. It doesn’t matter where it’s located, you can bet from the comfort of your home.




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