January 28

Do All In One Security Cameras Really Work?

Is that a question? Yeah, and we got the answer, and the answer is YES!

The complete security solution has everything you need for video surveillance for your home or business environment: DVR, cameras, and a monitor. As well as, and Touch-Screen navigation, Systems that easily setup and intuitive use with advanced surveillance features, in a simple and convenient design. Make sure after all these the system has a smartphone app cause it is 2016, and it is a must have.


If something really isn’t right, you can set off the siren from your smartphone app. The built-in alarm will sound, alerting neighbors to the issue. And preferred the alarm to be of more than 80 or 90 decibels.’

Make security a feature in your home

All you need to do is position the device on a vantage point and rest assured that your home is being securely watched, recorded and protected. These systems are so effective that you can whether you are interested in seeing what the dog gets up to whilst you are out or see what the kids’ doing. To preserve battery and memory, the system is fitted with motion detection. Simply download the app, connect the device and connect to your Wi-Fi. You can read some canary reviews so you can make up your mind before making any purchase.


Whether you are a homeowner or if you are renting, have your security taken care of simply over nearly everything.

The things that must be confirmed before buying a system.

  • Proper Cameras
  • Good Alarms
  • Clear Monitors and screens.
  • Legal applications
  • Powerful DVRs

And finally here are some few tips regarding security camera purchasing.

Notice buyers might feel a little lost when purchasing their first video surveillance system. Always take your time and do plenty of research beforehand. In order to increase security and effectiveness, follow a few simple tips before and after buying:

Connect with many different sellers and ask their opinions about certain equipment. Always be sure to compare prices as well. The best recommendations often come from friends and family. Consult with surveillance experts to find out more about particular equipment. Don’t let your emotions cause you

Buy necessarily. Security signs letting people know about your surveillance systems help detect intruders. So these were the basic and most major things about security cameras. Now, fellas, it’s up to you that whether you want to go for some cheap stuff or some good one with proper quality based system.

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January 23

5 Major Mistakes On Homepages

The Internet is fast becoming the real world where you’ll find most of the people. Just in case, you don’t know how many internet users exist, International Telecom. Union states there are over 3.2 billion internet users. And how many websites are there, 10 million? 20 million? Internet Live Stats say more than 1 billion websites are there on the internet and the figure is expected to increase this year.

businesshomepage.png (501×401)

With so many websites out there, it’s hard to remain unique and play new design tricks for better user experience. The real point of concern is to carry that unique attire and to do that, web developers and designers need to be consistently on their toes and make necessary improvements in the websites. Consistency improves user experience and your web developer can never achieve that if the form precedes function, not until one of the following issues start to bother you:

  • Low rankings
  • High bounce rate
  • Average drop in user experience.

The place where it all starts is the homepage. You can compare the stats of the homepage and other landing pages. The homepage views will be leading in numbers. That makes homepage the most important thing for the website. In fact, your homepage has the potential to make or break your reputation. This post highlights some horrible errors on homepage, responsible for dropping the user experience and eventually, impact on ranking.

  1. Avoiding the Hick’s Law

Hick’s Law states that the more option you give your customers, the more time he will take. That’s true for the homepage, especially when you’re competing in the period of “Mobile addon”.

User finds it hard to process 10 to 20 different messages as well as graphics to get to the next level. Will he come back to the same page again? He’ll probably skip it and visit other pages. Or perhaps, he won’t come back at all.

On the other hand, if you give less options, the human brain can easily process information. It results in higher page views and lower bounce rate.

  1. Use of Carousel or Slider

Keep in mind that sliders are for you, not for your users. Slider is a handy way to communicate more information to the user, but inappropriate use of this feature can irritate the visitor. According to the experts of search engine optimization Canada, there are more than one reasons not to have a slider on the homepage:

  1. Fast sliders frustrate users, because they cannot read the whole information completely.
  2. Fast sliders also make it difficult for the users to click on the information they want.
  3. Non-native speakers have a language barrier, so they read and understand the information slowly. But sliders don’t wait for them.
  4. If information is displayed one at a time, users often lose the chance to find it.
  5. Some users tend to take sliders as advertisements, and don’t pay attention to them.
  6. Sliders are by and large annoying for the users.

Once again, you have to stick to the Hick’s Law and avoid giving more information than the appetite of the user.

  1. News Feeds

No one but sites like Yahoo are best suited for news feeds. Besides designated sites, users seldom pay attention to the feeds on the homepage. If you care about a big brand promotion, that’s for your own benefit not the visitors’. Most of the time business owners keep the news feeds without any logical reason. They tend to do it because they have seen someone doing it on his website.

You can include news flash though, but not those news feeds. Once again, news feeds only adds confusion.

  1. The h1 Tag

H1 normally has the biggest font on the homepage. At the same time, keep it short enough to help readers understand the message. Here are two things to remember:

  • If you keep you h1 tag within 8 words, you’ll maximize chances of delivering the whole information, up to 100%.
  • Avoid using all caps as it makes it difficult for an average human brain to maintain the flow of reading. It eventually increases the time to understand the message. If you keep the sentence case, the message will be transmitted quickly.
  1. No Target Keyword in the Title

Your SEO and PPC will pay off when your page appears in search results (the point when the user finds relevant information for the keyword he entered). Obviously, you have to make it fit naturally, but then you can always spend time in constructing the right mantra around the target keywords.

It helps search engines find your content for search terms and makes its job easier about the type of content on your homepage.


These mistakes are keeping you from getting the traffic and ranking you actually deserve. So, remove them and see the difference!

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