August 19

Get Your Own Leather Tab Case

With the advancing technology people are becoming more and more dependent on it for almost everything that concerns even the smallest aspects of life day in and day out. From the inception of the first computer technology has come a way, thus the hefty desktop computers have now given way to tabs and laptops. The portability and the easy to operate are amongst the important factors that have contributed you their rising popularity. So work doesn’t have to be confined within one’s four walled cabins as one can get to work from any place any time with the help of the I Pads and the tablets under the protection of beautiful leather cases.

Great devices to work with

These devices are not only about work but it encompasses every aspect of a person’s daily life. Be it communication or the chore or entertainment or whatever. The simple fact that everything is now within reachable limits no matter where a re person is the selling point of these devices. They are by no means any less than a desktop computer. The sleek and slim design, the touch mechanism, mind blowing display output, everything works in favour of these devices.

Taking technology to a new level

The invention of such portable gadgets has taken technology to all new levels. Tabs and MacBooks have also come to being the most commonly used gadgets nowadays and this owes to their efficiency and portability. But at the same time these are sensitive devices and require to be handled carefully. Mishandling it might cause serious damage and fixing the damage might incur quite a fortune. Thus it is better to carry it around in a safe pouch or case that would keep it protected from any kind of impact externally and at the same time it would also look stylish to carry it around as well.

Icarryalls – Your friend for classy cases

The icarryalls is a website that sells classy yet useful cases and covers for I Pads, MacBooks, Galaxy Tabs and other devices. One can browse through a range of leather cases suitable for multiple purposes. Thus one can use these cases while carrying their tabs or similar devices and also for keeping other office stationeries and important documents as well. There are a number of elegant and stylish designs to choose from that would suit your purposes well. If in case you think that the kind of ready made products that are available on the site doesn’t suit your needs you can have them customized accordingly as well.

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August 19

Fix Your Garage Door with Life Time Warranty by A1 Garage Door Repair

There are a lot of responsibilities that a house owner has to take up so as to keep everything in the house working fine. Whether all the bulbs are working fine or the hinges of all the doors are alright is the look out of the home owner. There are a few things that are required to be taken care of by professionals only and one of those tasks is fixing the garage doors. A garage door is one of the most important doors as it is guarding the main garage entrance and is on the outside of the house, read for more information. Thus it has to be strong and should be closed properly.

Specialized services for garage doors is what you need

The mechanism of the garage doors is different from the ordinary doors and it requires specialized services to fix or install any and every king of garage doors. It is quite evident that such services should be entrusted with a professional company that fix the problem with ease and expertise and wouldn’t be too heavy on the pocket as well. An efficient and fast service at affordable rates is all that is required for fixing or installing new garage doors.

A1 Garage Door Repair

The A1 Garage Door Repair is the top class garage door installation and repairing garage doors for domestic and commercial garages in Tuscon Arizona since 1998, visit their website for more information It has gained the confidence of the customers for it’s continued delivery of dependable and quality services. They are ready to work for the clients round the clock seven days a week. The service is fast and at the same time efficient. If you get your garage doors fixed by the A1 Garage Doors Repairs then it is bound to last longer as it uses the best parts in the industry. So whatever be the model or the brand of your garage door the experts at the A1 Garage door repairs knows how to fix it.

There are more than one reason for choosing A1 for entrusting the repair or the installation of your garage doors with. It offers estimates that are totally free, provides a lifetime warrantee for the repairs, 24 hours 7 days a week emergency services, guaranteed low priced services and much more. The range of services that are offered by the A1 are fixing old doors, installation of new doors, repair of the door springs, repairing broken garage door cables, fixing garage door openers, panel replacement, roller replacement and so on.

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August 19

Where to Eat in New Orleans

Nobody knows New Orleans restaurants like those who have lived and dined there all their life. Restaurants change and fads pass, however, the great “Nawlins” restaurants never fade away.

I decided to drive 320 miles to New Orleans for a weekend of delectable indulgences. I was craving Creole however I was looking for less fried, more healthy, less rich, more savory, less heavy more light. I wanted to avoid a night of reaching for the Tums.

First I did some restaurant research on the internet, and then I reached out to friends and family and finally asked the locals in NOLA (New Orleans Louisiana) what they prefer. Now, one must be careful how much weight you will give to a persons suggestions and recommendations. How do you really know what is a great restaurant if you never left your small town and you grew up thinking Olive Garden is real Italian food and your favorite sandwich shop is a Subway. I trusted the recommendations of the local folks who grew up cooking and dining on French Creole. My list of seven restaurants was impossible to conquer in just one weekend, so, I choose the following three establishments to indulge myself at.


First, The Court of the Two Sisters at 613 Royal Street. Like so many buildings of the French Quarter it history goes back to 1726. It boasts the largest courtyard inside the French Quarter, and it is spectacular in its beauty. I chose to dine outside in the shade by the grand fountain. Aleshia, my waitress, was polite with a big smile, knowledgeable of the details of the menu and willing to share. I started with their famous Turtle Soup au Sherry. This soup is dark, slightly sweet and salty, with a gingered broth and bits of turtle, rice and sausage followed by a slice of lemon and a squirt of Sherry. I could eat this every day. I chose Chicken Oscar as an entrée. It is prepared with a boneless chicken breast served atop mashed red potatoes and it is topped with lump crabmeat and a tasso hollandaise. The combination was spectacular to taste. My only complaint, I would have used less salt and more spice in the recipe. 4 star food with a 5 star atmosphere.


Next I chose The Kingfish restaurant in the French Quarter at 337 Charters. The locals raved about this one. With a beautiful industrial yet modern décor embellished with a Huey Long theme the interior feels and smells inviting. Chef Greg Sonnier apprenticed with K-Paul himself. I started with the Smoked Rabbit Gumbo. Another dark broth with chunks of smoked rabbit, some French Sorrel sausage, topped with dirty brown rice. The smokey flavor of the rabbit really comes through quite nice and combines in your mouth with complimenting flavors for an overall succulent bowl of goodness. For my entrée I went with the Pescado Borracho Tacos. These were served on a wooden platter with lime slices and a sour cream and jalapeño dip. These corn tortilla tacos were filled with Blackened catfish and Napa cabbage slaw. I was generous with the limes devoured these three fish tacos at a quick pace. Light not heavy, healthy, clean and fresh and thoroughly enjoyed. I followed this up with the finest Bread pudding I have ever tasted. It is listed on the menu as Caramel Apple Bread Pudding and it is to die for. 5 star food with 4 star atmosphere.


Finally, and my personal favorite, a place outside the French Quarter called Ancora at 4508 Freret Street. An Italian family runs the establishment and they have imported a two ton mosaic brick oven from Italy that they use to bake their brick oven pizzas in. The interior is modern clean and fresh with brick walls and a noticeably cool looking brick oven just off by the kitchen. I started with an appetizer of grilled zucchini in olive oil and garlic with a smooth shredded cheese on top, delicate and fresh with a tasty zing for your palette.  It was a welcomed delight, simple and fresh with abundant flavors. Next I had an appetizer of cherry tomatoes sliced in olive oil with herbs with a flowered flash fried squash and cheese. This was another satisfyingly fresh and flavorful side dish that was a special of the day, not on the printed menu. And of course I finished it off with the traditional Margherita pizza pie. Brick oven made with circles of fresh mozzarella topped with fresh basil. It had a light, crisp crust flavored from the burnt oven that was perfect. Not too salty, which is typical with most pizzas, it was bursting with subtle spice and freshness that was really top notch even for this born in New York City pizza lover. 5 star Food with 4 star Atmosphere.

They only suggestions I have for tourists in New Orleans is that you pace yourself with eating, drinking and walking. You will walk miles around the French Quarter without knowing it, that is, until your legs and feet give out. What do you do? Wear your most comfortable sneakers and use graduated compression socks. They will help with cramping and tired feeling legs. You will swear by them once you try them, I do. I also use custom insoles in my shoes because I know they work wonders after a long day on my feet. Never buy over the counter insoles, buy the ones that are fabricated from impressions of each of your own feet.

Happy Eating.

By John R Allison


Manager at

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